Great Information On Cabinet Refinishing

refinishing kitchen cabinets

For many working people, home ownership, no matter how seemingly unimpressive the home, is the brass ring that they worked towards for decades. Home ownership can be intensely rewarding, allowing people to live in a space furnished and purposed towards their exact specifications, anything from a water bed to a mirrored ceiling to just a pet’s food dish with a picture of dogs playing Dungeons and Dragons above it. Still, home ownership is not without its difficulties, ranging from basic maintenance to finding and paying professionals to mend the damage done in the wake of a large-scale disaster, be it an ordinary careless child or an unstoppable natural disaster.

Still, some home maintenance projects can be done on your own. Resetting a home’s heating and cooling system take only a little know-how, and all but the most physically disabled homeowners can easily manage to paint a room. In a similar vein to painting a room is the practice of cabinet refinishing, a process that can, with some careful effort, mend damage to wooden cabinets caused by anything from years of pets jumping on them while begging for food to minor fire damage. Cabinet refinishing can be done at home if a homeowner is willing to work at it.

“Refinishing” refers to the work of repairing or entirely reapplying a finishing to an object, traditionally a wooden object with a wood finish, but modern materials such as metal, plastic, glass and modern paints can also be refinished with the right know how. “With cabinets, this can be particularly challenging since most cabinets are not exactly mobile, and even the ones that are lean towards being large and cumbersome. With most wooden cabinets, this process calls for reapplying a coat of paint, wood finish top coat, varnish, faux finishes (which can make a wooden cabinet appear to be made of marble, cloth or stone rather than wood if one wants to get unusual) or lacquer, depending on exactly how they want the finished product to look.” says Christine Field of Ray of Light in Phoenix. You can find out more about their techniques at

sanding cabinetsOne unique development in the field of modern woodworking is the use of refinishing to make an object look distressed and older, like an antique that’s older than it is.

While these distressing finishes are uncommon, they are growing in popularity. If your cabinets are antiques, refinishing is not advised as refinishing them will usually lower their value as antique pieces and mend the damage that gives them their character.

Refinishing a cabinet is similar to refinishing anything else. You need a can of new finish, whatever you decide that finish will be, a solid work paint brush and in almost all cases, either a drop sheet or large number of newspapers to cover the floor and ceilings around the cabinet being refinished to prevent the inevitable leaks and spills of your finish from leaving ugly stains on the floor or ceiling where they will stand out. Depending on the size of the cabinet, this project could take an hour or two, or could consume your entire weekend.

One should always pay attention to the warning labels on a can of finish, particularly safety and health warnings. Smoking around most open cans of finish and freshly refinished cabinets is, of course, inadvisable. Keeping pets and small children away from the work area is also a pretty good idea. Once you’re done with refinishing the cabinet, you need to give it time to dry properly and touching it before the finish dries will only lead to bizarre blemishes in the finish that stand out. Still, with enough determination and patience, any cabinet in your home can be refinished to shine.

You Should Know What The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Grass

artificial grass pros and cons

Are you thinking about getting an artificial lawn in Vancouver? There are pros and cons of artificial lawns. If you want to know what these pros and cons are, then continue to read the rest of this article.

1. The Pros

After you have installed artificial grass, there is not much maintenance that needs to be done. This means you won’t have to water it, nor mow it. If some of the fake grass gets damaged, then you can replace it, but other than that, there is very little maintenance involved with artificial grass.

You can save quite a bit of money because you won’t have to spend money to water your lawn. Plus, you won’t spend money on costs related to operating a lawnmower. Asides from that, there is no need to purchase weed killers or fertilizers, which can be very expensive.

“When you use chemicals on real grass, then you might be affecting the environment. However, this is not the case with fake grass. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about killing weeds or pulling them out of the ground.” says Joey Monette of Caliber West Renovations – Artificial Grass Vancouver division.

Sometimes when you have real grass, you will have to deal with puddles due to water collecting, and this can last for days and make your lawn look unattractive. Artificial grass has a good drainage system in place, so this doesn’t happen when you have an artificial lawn. The grass won’t be damaged if you play sports on it, and that is another benefit of having artificial grass.

2. The Cons

Artificial grass can be very expensive because you usually have to have it professionally installed, at least if you want it done right. The actual grass can cost a lot of money too. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then artificial grass is probably not for you.

Fake grass tends to be very soft, and this is because of the padding below the surface of it. However, over time, this padding may need to be replaced because the softness of the grass may become harder and harder. Refilling it may be a hassle for some people and it might cost more money than they’d like to spend on refilling the padding.

One of the major cons of artificial grass is it can become extremely hot in the summer. Also, unlike real grass, fake grass doesn’t have any scent to it. When you mow regular grass, it usually has a pleasant scent afterward, but you won’t get that same scent with fake grass, so if you get it, don’t expect it to have any natural scent to it.

Should you buy artificial grass? The choice is up to you, but you should weigh the pros and cons and then decide whether or not you should get it. If you do want artificial grass, then make sure you buy it from a reputable seller and that it is of high quality because you want it to last for a long time and you want it to look great after it has been installed. If you want to find out more about artificial grass installation, visit Caliber West Renovations Vancouver Facebook page.

Safety and Security Film On Window Glass Can Give a Home Added Protection

security window film

Glazed windows are one of the weak points in a Las Vegas home. The breaking of the glass gives access to its interiors and theft of property. Security film can act to delay the breaking of the glass and require more effort and make a lot of noise; that can then alert the homeowner.

Safety and security films can also reduce the potential for injury from glass that breaks, and can be especially useful for glass doors and any glazing that is overhead. They act as security applications that will delay any forced entry. These films have an adhesive bonding material that makes the film adhere to the glass surface. Films are made of polyester and can vary in thickness depending on the requirement. Thicknesses can vary from 100 micrometers to 525 micrometers, with the thinnest variety suitable for glass that is 3mm thick. This thickness is what is most common in homes. Films that have a smooth coating of the adhesive have better optical clarity. In many cases, other components are also added to these films that can give them better control over sunlight. Some films can also be decorative and can be used to enhance the decor in a home.

“Standard window glass in homes is of the float glass variety, and this has a property that causes it to break into small sharp shards that can be dangerous to any person who is in the vicinity of the glass when it breaks. It can create very hazardous situations. If the glass is tempered the glass pieces may be smaller, but can still cause injuries.” says Ralph Nguyen of Green Valley Window Tint

“These films we offer for installation through our website at can also offer a lot of protection during earthquakes when window glasses to tend to shatter due to the movement of buildings. They can also provide protection in case of explosions.”

Safety and security films are no guarantee against burglars and other people with nefarious intent. But it becomes harder to break glass, and will require far greater effort. It will then create a lot of noise and will hopefully alert the residents of a home. The installation of this window film in Las Vegas is a simple process and can even be easily carried out by a homeowner with some DIY skills. It makes for a low-cost alternative to glass that is tempered or reinforced in any other way. These films come in rolls of standard widths, and most of them look like glass that has not been treated.

It is always an added advantage if you can add to the security of your home by installing alarms and guard bars for windows. Also, make sure that you do not keep valuable things close to windows, as if the glass is broken, these can be accessed from the outside by burglars and thieves. Some of these films can also add to privacy to your Las Vegas home if they have reflective surfaces while there is a definite reduction in noise that comes through windows that have the protection of security and safety film. The film is also easy to replace when it gets damaged.

Pic of mould

Tips For Testing For Mould In Your Home

Do you currently have the suspicion that there is mould in your home? If you do, this is something that you should take care of right away. Perhaps you have noticed that some members of your family have become sick for seemingly no reason, showing symptoms similar to the common cold. Mould is very dangerous, capable of causing allergic reactions, and also affecting your ability to breathe. It is most dangerous when the spores from the mould become airborne, and can be very dire for those that have a breathing disorder like asthma. To test for mould, there are a few things that you can do right away in order to protect your family and yourself.

How Does Mould Start?

Mould is something that can grow very easily within a household. It is possible for victims of recent flooding to be the most vulnerable. It thrives in a warm moist area, especially if it has constant contact with some type of cellulose such as what, and grows very easily beneath carpet and within basements.

Patrick Rochefort of Safety Coordination Services does mould testing in Edmonton and states: “If you have not had any flooding, it is possible that there are cracks in your window, or openings adjacent to your doors where air can constantly come in. As long as the mould has a way of getting into your home, the problem is locating where it has formed and then completely eliminating it from your home’s interior.”

Health Symptoms Associated With Mould

Although we have mentioned that detrimental for people that suffer from breathing disorders, there are a few symptoms that you should look for just to be on the safe side. These symptoms may include coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and a rash that can appear abruptly on a person’s skin. The spores are very small, and therefore once they are airborne, they are very easy to inhale and they can land on your skin wherever they happen to be. If you have noticed people getting ill with similar symptoms, it’s time to not only take them to the local physician, but to have a mould expert come out to see if you really do have a problem.

Treating Mould In Your Home

After you do mould testing which can be done by picking up a mould testing kit at your local store, or hiring a professional mould testing company to come in, you can determine whether or not it is in your home and then begin the treatment process. Black mould, in particular, is very easy to find because it is very dark and tends to form under carpet and adjacent to windows. You can use ammonia or bleach to effectively eliminated, or you can have a professional use specific chemicals that are designed to prevent it from growing back again.

Using these tips, you should be able to identify whether or not you have mould in your home, and then subsequently eliminate the mould after testing for it, or calling in a professional to do this for you. It is a very dangerous substance to have, especially when the spores are released, and you should eliminate it as soon as possible.


Adding Almost Instant Value To Real Estate With Trees

Are you trying to sell your house right now? Or would you simply like to make the outside of your home look much more appealing? Regardless of your decision to do this, you can create a much more picturesque curbside appeal for your home by adding trees. You have probably seen people go to stores such as Costco, or nurseries where they can pick up trees that are just starting to grow, either using them to lie in a walkway, or let them right in the middle of their yard so that they will have a shade tree years in the future. Here are the best trees that you can add to your front or back yard that will improve your real estate value almost instantly.

What Are The Best Trees To Plant?

Crepe Myrtle Flower
Crepe Myrtle Flower
A tree that many people choose, one that can grow to about 25 feet in height, is called a crepe myrtle. It produces beautiful pink flowers that can handle even drought-like conditions, and will not be affected by deer. They are best suited for hot climates, bloom during the summer, and only need to be pruned once in a while. Another tree that you could choose is a sugar maple, especially if you are shooting for a tree that can be extremely tall, blocking the view of perhaps the surrounding neighbors. It can handle any type of temperature, and is a good replacement tree if you have recently gotten rid of an elm or an ash. It has beautiful foliage, so if you are trying to sell your home, you should try to do this during the summer and fall when the leaves are absolutely beautiful.

Smaller Trees To Increase Property Value

You can really increase your property value by adding a saucer magnolia, a tree that is very easy to grow. It has beautiful purple flowers, typically showing up around March, and can put on a beautiful show for people that may be looking at your house during this time. If you would prefer having something more rustic, at least in the overall appearance of your home, you should go with a Colorado blue spruce. Although these can get very tall, it will be a primary location for birds to nest, creating a very natural setting, even if you are in a more urban area. If you would like to introduce something more exotic, the Japanese flowering Cherry tree is the way to go. This is a tree that you should most certainly have out front if you are trying to sell your home, and although it can be affected by aphids and caterpillars, once it starts blooming, it will be a definite selling point that you can point to if people are on the edge as to whether or not to purchase your property.

There are so many other trees that you can consider planting including the northern red Oak and the Eastern red cedar. The tree that you plant should be strategically placed, especially if it is going to get large, or close to your walkway when it is small and has beautiful blooms. You want to make sure that is adding to the overall picture that you are trying to create from the curbside, and should not inhibit your house too much. You want to find a perfect balance of a tree that will make your home look that much more appealing, yet at the same time, not conceal the natural beauty of your household.


Home Improvement Ideas That Are Friendly On Our Environment

Many homeowners are choosing to live tiny as a show of support to the eco-friendly movement, but not everyone is ready to live in under 300 square feet. A reasonable, and yet the affordable alternative is to remodel or improve the home that you already live in. Adding eco-friendly touches to your property can help you cut down on waste, save money, and improve the quality of your life. Not sure how to get started?

Environmental Conscious Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen is always a good place to start, so replacing old appliances is a must. Opt for home appliances that are Energy Star rated as they use less energy during hours of operation. When choosing appliances such as a refrigerator, buy one that has just enough space for your needs.

Granite countertops are popular, but rather wasteful and expensive. There are wonderful eco-friendly alternatives that recycle glass, cork, paper, and a number of other materials. Nature will thank you, but so will your wallet!

Take advantage of the placement of your windows and allow as much natural light into your space as possible. Not having the right flow of light means that you have to turn on lamps in your home even during daylight hours.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Next to your kitchen, your bathroom is undoubtedly the most important space. You and your family spend hours there each week, so it’s important that it takes our environment into consideration during your next remodel.

Pic of dual flush toilet
An example of a dual flush toilet
Low-flow toilets can help save you money on water and keep our environment strong. Ultimately, most toilets that you can purchase cheap are completely wasteful and use too much water to wash down the waste.

It’s also possible to install flow reducers in the shower and the sink as a way to cut down on the amount of water that goes to waste. This isn’t always a feasible option, but many homeowners that do this project are happy with the results.

Additional Projects

If your home doesn’t already have insulation installed, it can help if you have spray foam installation inserted between your walls. It can help you save money on heating and cooling costs, therefore, allowing you to waste less.

Lastly, as a rule, don’t add more space to your home than you need. You don’t need to suffer in a tiny space, but the more square footage you add, the more it will cost to maintain the additional add-on.

Pic of Renovated Bathroom

Quick And Easy DIY Home Improvements Ideas

If you have been considering the idea of improving your house, specifically the way that it looks inside, there are several relatively inexpensive home renovations that can help you achieve this goal for less. You may also be considering what you can do on the outside of your home, perhaps because you are trying to sell your property. The following quick and easy DIY home improvement ideas will help you get a few considerations going in your mind as to what you can do to improve your house without spending that much money.

Interior And Exterior Design Changes

One of the easiest ways that you can change the way that your home looks is to put on a new coat of paint. This is a fantastic way to truly change its overall appearance without having to do too much. If you are on a limited budget, you should always begin with a single room on the interior of your home, something that can be accomplished with a few gallons of paint. Additionally, you can also add wallpaper which is also inexpensive, as long as you do this one room at a time. On the exterior of your house, if the paint job is not that bad, you might want to consider painting your trip. Instead of the 50 or 60 gallons of paint that you will need to do the entire house, you can change its appearance for the better by getting five or 10 gallons of paint for your trim that can make a noticeable an almost instant difference.

Easy Construction Jobs For Your Home

Although you may want to add a new room to your house, or perhaps convert a garage, you might want to consider something a little more easy such as putting up a new wall. Many people have large rooms that may actually be used for a gaming room, or perhaps one where you have an exceptionally large home theater. Instead, you might want to consider dividing the room up into something that is more usable such as a new bedroom area, or a den, where people can get away. The cost of doing this is minimal in comparison to actually creating a brand-new room off of your house, or converting a garage. It will make a noticeable change within the interior of your house, making the existing space much more useful.

These are just a few easy strategies that you can implement for making your house look better on the inside and outside. If you are an expert at DIY home improvement projects, or even if you have never done this before, it will help you make the changes that you need that will not only make you happy, but potential buyers happy if you are trying to sell your house this year.