Lock Down Solar Panels With Security Screws

A security screw is a type of screw that requires special tools to remove it. It has a particular design incorporated into the screw’s head, and a specially designed bit is needed to remove it. Regular screwdrivers are not able to unscrew a security screw. These types of screws are typically used in restrooms, but they are also used in schools and other public areas where the threat of vandalism and theft is high.

In What Applications Are Security Screws Used?

Solar panels are a large target for theft due to their inherent worth.
Solar panels are a large target for theft due to their inherent worth.
Security screws also called tamper proof fasteners, are used in situations where someone may be tempted to remove the screws but are unable to. In addition to schools and public restrooms, these screws are also used in hospitals, correctional facilities and jails. They offer an added layer against robbery and property crimes.

The screws can also be used in locations such as hotels and motels to secure electronics, furniture and other items that may be targeted for theft. By using security screws to mount objects on walls and desks, it becomes a lot harder to try and remove them.

Installing screens and grates for protection can only offer so much protection. Without the added protection of these types of screws, thieves will be able to gain entry by using a simple screwdriver.

Materials Used To Manufacture Security Screws

Although there are many different types of materials are used to manufacture these types of screws, steel is the most commonly used material. Stainless steel allows the screws to become weather resistant and rust resistant. The primary processes involved in the manufacture of security screws include:

  • Heading
  • Thread rolling
  • Coating

Security screws are heavy duty, high security and are essential parts to add to your toolbox. They are manufactured by companies that are experts with preventing theft, such as can be found at http://www.losspreventionfasteners.com They can be used in woodworking as well as to deter criminal activity such as vandalism and theft.

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