Safety and Security Film On Window Glass Can Give a Home Added Protection

security window film

Glazed windows are one of the weak points in a Las Vegas home. The breaking of the glass gives access to its interiors and theft of property. Security film can act to delay the breaking of the glass and require more effort and make a lot of noise; that can then alert the homeowner.

Safety and security films can also reduce the potential for injury from glass that breaks, and can be especially useful for glass doors and any glazing that is overhead. They act as security applications that will delay any forced entry. These films have an adhesive bonding material that makes the film adhere to the glass surface. Films are made of polyester and can vary in thickness depending on the requirement. Thicknesses can vary from 100 micrometers to 525 micrometers, with the thinnest variety suitable for glass that is 3mm thick. This thickness is what is most common in homes. Films that have a smooth coating of the adhesive have better optical clarity. In many cases, other components are also added to these films that can give them better control over sunlight. Some films can also be decorative and can be used to enhance the decor in a home.

“Standard window glass in homes is of the float glass variety, and this has a property that causes it to break into small sharp shards that can be dangerous to any person who is in the vicinity of the glass when it breaks. It can create very hazardous situations. If the glass is tempered the glass pieces may be smaller, but can still cause injuries.” says Ralph Nguyen of Green Valley Window Tint

“These films we offer for installation through our website at can also offer a lot of protection during earthquakes when window glasses to tend to shatter due to the movement of buildings. They can also provide protection in case of explosions.”

Safety and security films are no guarantee against burglars and other people with nefarious intent. But it becomes harder to break glass, and will require far greater effort. It will then create a lot of noise and will hopefully alert the residents of a home. The installation of this window film in Las Vegas is a simple process and can even be easily carried out by a homeowner with some DIY skills. It makes for a low-cost alternative to glass that is tempered or reinforced in any other way. These films come in rolls of standard widths, and most of them look like glass that has not been treated.

It is always an added advantage if you can add to the security of your home by installing alarms and guard bars for windows. Also, make sure that you do not keep valuable things close to windows, as if the glass is broken, these can be accessed from the outside by burglars and thieves. Some of these films can also add to privacy to your Las Vegas home if they have reflective surfaces while there is a definite reduction in noise that comes through windows that have the protection of security and safety film. The film is also easy to replace when it gets damaged.

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